• I know, I’m Caucasian and back when I was younger and drove muscle cars I had a lot of these Racist traffic stops for speeding. It was a terrible experience and I soon learned to obey traffic laws to stop this Racist harassment.😳🤣😇 Watch the body cam video of the officer! Just imagine getting a speeding ticket for doing 70 mph where its 55 mph. Drive I-15 instead of Legacy no worries. LOL! It must have been that whiny violin music that set the officer off.

  • oh yea he was not racist and anyone and everyone gets nervous when they get pulled over regarless lol its just the whole being caught speeding adrenaline and there was nothing but complete respect from him. kudos for the department for posting the bodycam video of what actually happened. they need to quit being racist themselves!!! she made mention of white cop – well he cant help what color he is either and would she have treated him better if he was black? or have even posted a video of it. I feel like she was being racist towards the cop not the other way around.

  • If you continue to call EVERYTHING racism, when it’s obviously NOT, then you will reduce the true meaning of the word to absolutely nothing. Try following simple instructions next time WITHOUT the chip on your shoulder. This cop was extremely polite, patient and followed the law to the letter. You on the other hand were confrontational and uncooperative. Nobody likes to get a ticket. If you disagree then you use the court for that purpose. You don’t argue with the cop. BTW 70 mph in a 55 mph zone is not a “small difference.” I paid a $145 ticket last year for going 69 mph in a 60 mph zone. Keep up that same attitude and you are going to CREATE you own problems.

  • This bitch should be whipped for her attitude.

  • Don’t be belligerent! Follow the rules and he was in the right to arrest you if you didn’t sign the receipt of the ticket!! FOLLOW THE LAW!!!
    It wasn’t a racial thing but good try making it into one!!

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